Samsung Galaxy S5 Maybe in Budget Version

Is there anything Samsung makes consistent, then it is to hit wide, with its many models, and a budget model of the flagship can be on your way.

They’ve done it with both Galaxy Note 3 and with gears 2, and now a ‘Neo’-version can also be on the road by Samsung’s flagship model, the Samsung Galaxy S5.

The speculation comes from a page that keeps an eye on Indian import and export, where multiple versions of the SM-G750 has been found.

This model was to be among andethave a screen on 5.1 “720 p and a quad-core 2.3 GHz processor, and it causes speculation to go on a Galaxy S5 Neo, when Galaxy S5 has the same screen size.

Right now sees the new phone out to run Android 4.3, but it can, however, manage to be changed before any launch.

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