Ballet Outfit!!

Thick girls can not go to the ballet. No matter how much talent they have. But fat girls will eventually grow up and then they can do what they want!

I have always been a good dancer, and one day I took a course at the ballet bar in my dance school and just took it with me. After the first lesson, the teacher said, “You have a lot of expression, the rest is technique and practice, if you do not stupidly make these movements come again.” I did. For years. I even stood briefly on the stage in about such a pose:

Later, other things interested me, but I always profit from the ballet (and I started with it at the age of 26). You learn a good attitude and this also affects your inner being. Of course, I was the strongest in the class, but not the worst. Jumps were not so mine, but I had pirouettes fast on it.

During my stay in San Francisco, I went to a dance boutique to buy new slippers. There are more dance schools than bakeries, everyone dances there! In the boutique I caught fire. A lot of dancers. the hippies, street dancers, members of SF Ballet, children, adults, amateurs and professionals. As I slipped around the top shoes, an employee came up to me and searched for the right shoe for my foot. Then I had to go to the pole and to the top. All admired my excitement and I felt like Alice in Wonderland. This was one of the nicest experiences on my trip.

A few weeks ago, the company Sheego announced whether I would not like to show a styling. Then my dance shoes from came back to my mind and I was looking for something that fits a bit. Actually, I’m quite glad that there was no Tut Tut, so I would certainly have looked like an exploded candy.

At the top I’m not at the moment free, because the muscles is not well trained enough. And a picture on the bar has not been so much. But maybe I’ll take a look, look.

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