Sometimes I wonder why it’s mostly men who make the most beautiful shoes for women. Because they implement their fantasies? Because you’re Frauenversteher? Because you want women to look even better? Because you know the secret desires of women? No matter why, what counts is the results alone. The nicer, more unusual, glamorous, the better I buy.
In my shoe locker you can find about 48 copies. High, flat, kitten heel sporty, elegant, ladylike and rocky and casual and and and…
Now I’ve discovered a new shoe guru. Matthew MacDonald Four years ago, the designer from Münster made his own label, “the Shoe”. The man loves the fine, one notices:Best leather qualities (who wants, can also order shoes from Shoe-wiki, high quality workmanship and attention to detail (see photos below). Well, Matthias has long worked for the traditional house Unützer and prefers private brands such as Brioni, Kiton, church and Ralph Lauren.
(* for the non-Bayern among you: Lovely = beautiful)
PS: I admit: Style icon Olivia Palermo has already discovered the shoes before me… It has been one of the regular customers for months.
PPS: What do the pretty shoes cost? From 270 euro.
Kiss the Frog! My favorite!!
Where we are on the subject of footwear: How many of you are at home? 20? 30? 40?


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