LG G3 Image Shows New Rear Buttons

LG G3 has been in the rumor mill and now comes that fresh water through the turbine.

LG G2 was a popular phone with many good qualities and the overall impression was very positive. Why is the successor of course waited with excitement. LG G3 has already been the rumor with interesting specifications and in between there will be also new images from different sources.

This time, it is again a new image and this image shows a new side. And just barely back on its predecessor, G2, was special, since one with some buttons could steer smart phone without touching the screen. It can be smart if you read many articles or e-books, since the fingers so not shadows for the text.

LG looks to be in the process of fine-tuning the back buttons, LG G3s buttons are a little recognition from buttons on LG G2. The first thing you notice is that the buttons are almost completely flat at the same time that there will be an aluminum border around buttons and camera.

To the left of the camera, there is in fact an oval black area, which perhaps is an infra-red lamp. What do you think it might be?


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