Samsung Galaxy K Zoom: a New Standard for Camera Phones

Samsung has before had a camera disguised as Galaxy smartphone and now comes a replacement, Galaxy K Zoom.

Samsung struggled last year with Nokia to make the wildest camera phone. At the time, was Samsung’s Galaxy S4 Zoom weapon, but was, however, a bit of a Zoom S4 niche mobile due to its thickness. Now try the Samsung with a replacement for the same niche group, and this time of camera phone Samsung Galaxy K Zoom. T in the model name stands for Camera, which should not come as a surprise when you look at the pictures, and Zoom refers to lens with optical zoom.

For good 14 days ago-term with just a launch of Samsung Galaxy K Zoom and now we can so reveal Samsung Galaxy K Zooms design and specifications.

When S4 Zoom had to settle with a 4.3 “screen with 960 x 540 pixels, the new Galaxy K Zoom boasts a 4.8″ screen with 720 p. The screen will be controlled by a Samsung Exynos hexa-core chip with both a quad-core 1.3 Ghz dual-core cpu and a 1.7 Ghz cpu. In addition, 2 GB ram, 8 GB of memory and LTE antenna.

Optical zoom and many megapixels

The most important thing in K is of course the camera Zoom, with 20.7 megapixels and BSI CMOS sensor must ensure the best looking pictures from a Samsung mobile phone. The lens in K Zoom can zoom 10 times, optical, mind you, so there should be the possibility to be able to get really close to his object without it being too muddy and pixellated.

The video portion is at 1080 p and can record 60billeder per second, but the camera and the video portion is not alone, for there will be a whole range of software features to improve and modify images and video clips.

With Galaxy K Zoom disappears the optical lens into your phone and making more pocket friendly than Zoom K what one might fear. However, it is still a thick case, Zoom K as you can see in the picture here, where Engadgets HTC One is down on K Zoom.

Do you think K Zoom has become more palatable or would you rather separate camera and mobile?


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