Xxl Fashion Trends: Pants

“Pinch all the pants!”- I’ve introduced you to the label tenle of langdorff, the beautiful pants like to make even custom-made.But because we can not always make pants, I wanted to introduce you a few pants models, which are particularly suitable for us ladies with curvy figures.

The marlene trousers conjure length

With the Marlene pants it becomes comfortable and long.The ultimate tip for you: Wear Marlene pants absolutely high shoes.Buy the Marlene pants just a little longer and in combination with high shoes, your legs look incredibly long (and also slightly slimmer).So that the outfit does not look sackful, you should wear a tight top or a nicely fitted blues.In are straight blouses and tops with peplum, which look to a marlene pants quite magically.

If you are not so comfortable in a tight top, you can alternatively take good care of the layer look or simply combine a flowing top with a waist belt .A trouser in Marlenschnitt looks by the way from jeans as well as cotton material great.

The Boyfriend trousers are Darling everybodys

The boyfriend-style denim pants from eWenzhou are a cozy comfort pants and in my opinion ideal for every type of figure. As with the Marlene trousers, you should wear a narrow, but not too tight top in an outfit with a boyfriend trousers.The contrast to the wide Boyfriend jeans flatters your figure and makes you feel lazy.In the broadest sense, I also crocked the trendy chino pants for the boyfriend style.You can also experiment with color here.I myself have, for example, a bright yellow copy.And one more thing:if you roll up the trouser legs loosely, you are not only in the trend, but also emphasizes your narrow shackles.You can find different models in pretty and fashionable on house-of-gerryweber.de.

The Capri trousers turn away

Who of you in summer temperatures do not necessarily want to grab the hotpants, which is perfectly attracted with a Caprihose or a pants in 3/4-length.She extends the legs visually and cheats one or the other kilo away.Because by the length, the focus is placed on your shackles and calf shoulders and so completely unconsciously distracted from the thighs.You should renounce but on pants in 7/8 length, which crush too much.

This is about jeans, which is a never ending topic.However, for any woman, no matter what size she wears.

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