How to Send Files Via AirDrop on Your iPhone [TIP]

If images, video clips, and other content to be from one iOS device to another in a hurry, so is AirDrop solution.

We have earlier told you that Samsung makes fun of Apple fanboys. It was in a “The Next Big Thing” advertising campaign, where iPhone users were highlighted as stupid, and NFC was used to quickly transfer content from a Samsung mobile to another.

Since Apple in 2013 went on stage with iOS 7, they replied back with the AirDrop, which can transfer content between iOS devices without the need to “bumping” mobiles. The function is derived, however, from Apple’s Mac computers since 2011 via WIFI, quickly have can send files securely through the air.

However, this feature requires the iPhone 5 or newer, 4. generation iPad, iPad Mini or 5 or later.generation iPod Touch, and today our site will show how easily you can AirDrop’e to friends and family.

As you can see in the video, then be activated Airdrop in the control center which also first found its way to iOS devices with iOS 7. If not WIFI and Bluetooth is activated in advance, so that it happens automatically.

-You then need to choose whether you want to be visible from the “Only contact” or “All”. So is AirDrop ready.

In the video, I use the share button in the lower-left corner of the Photos app, which can also be used in many other apps. So if you instead want to share videos, sites, locations or a link to the Word document from Dropbox, so it also goes smoothly.

As you can see, so it may take a few seconds before your contacts pops up in AirDrop. When you see a contact you know, then press once and then the content is transferred. The recipient will be required to confirm the transfer.

Of unforeseen reasons, so it is not yet possible to upload files via AirDrop from the Mac to the iOS. However, we have previously told in the mobile site that Apple invites to WWDC 2014, so I wonder if this little problem will be solved in the upcoming event.


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