HOTSPOT Week 18: OnePlus One Amazes, Danish Smart-Sports Watch, Samsung Gear 2 and Galaxy Camera 2

Our site takes a closer look at what is happening this week in mobile and gadgetland.

The new Chinese producer impresses, with a smartphone that hamler up with the expensive top models, for half the price. It sounds too good to be true, where’s the catch?

Leikr sports watch

Danish Leikr is a small startup, as producer a unique GPS sports watch. A built-in map and GPS, that you will not get lost during exercise, and an extra large screen offers many training opportunities. Read more at our site.

Samsung Gear 2

The second vintage of Samsung’s input in the smartwatch segment, using a new operating system, gets new features and have generally been nicer. Is it a success in the shroud?
Samsung Galaxy Camera 2

Another 2.0 thousands is Samsung’s hybrid camera, which merges a mini tablet on 4.8 inch and a digital camera. With 21 x zoom and 16 megapixels bodes well for the social photographer is now lightning fast can share photos via Facebook and Instagram.


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