Samsung Galaxy S5 Coming Soon in the Deluxe Edition

New rumors suggest that Galaxy S5 are not allowed to govern for a long time at the top of Samsung’s mobile product range.

A luxury edition of Samsung’s new superstar is, according to the Korean newspaper AsiaToday, already on the table. Sources associated with the Korean smartphone industry reports that the new top model will be launched in June-just two months after Samsung Galaxy S5s own sales start.

The phone goes under the projektetnavnet ‘Project KQ’, also known under the name of Galaxy S5 Prime. It is reported that, the new topmobils mission will be studded to a 5.2 inch quad HD display, so that it will achieve a record high sharpness at 565 PPI.

Actual performance will be dependent on which markets Galaxy S5 Prime launches in. It is reported that the Korean version would receive Samsung’s own Exynos Chipset, a quick run on all eight cores that spin at up to 2.1 gigahertz.

For the international version, and thus to Denmark, it is reported that the offal will be a heavily doped variant of the Galaxy found in S5.

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