Nike Behind the iWatch Together with Apple?

Although Nike has fired the team behind Fuelband, so is the boss still tense on future cooperation with Apple.

Since the current Apple boss Tim Cook earlier was asked in to Apple’s plans for wearables (wearable gadgets), showed he blithely Nike’s Fuelband on the wrist. He also told that he was crazy about the product, just because it concentrated on to solve one task.

Apple has long criticized the competition, in order to “would it all”, and therefore launch products that is not ready for sale. As all rivals will soon have presented wearables in all your forms, and that Apple iWatch first is ready for the fall, so suggests that Apple does not want to follow the flow.

At the end of last week, it was reported that Nike had fired the team behind their Fuelband wearable, and therefore in the future would concentrate on the software. It led the world press for speculation about increased cooperation with Apple, which previously made exclusive agreements with Nike.

We know in advance that iWatch and iOS 8 to focus on fitness and health, and now have CNBC, after news of the lay-offs, inquired of Nike’s CEO Mark Parker on the matter. It writes MacRumors.

In the interview, told Mark Parks, that at present is 30 million Fuelband users, and to their ambition to reach 100 million, that is to say, would happen in connection with business partners. Here was Apple cited as the most visible.

“There has been a lot of speculation, as I understand. I just want to say that the relationship between Nike and Apple will continue. And I am personally, as we all are in Nike, very excited about what’s to come, “said Mark Parks to CNBC.

Whether it is the infamous iWatch project which Nike is a part of, or whether cooperation instead looking for a decidedly smart band, it will only time will tell. With an eye for that Developer Conference at Apple starting d. 2 June must show iOS 8, then we can hope that day anyway featuring product launches from Tim Cook & Co.


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