Watch Cell Phone CECT Q8-Dual SIM Mobile Phone Watch Map

Accessibility on the wrist has long been nothing more. With the Watch cell phone CECT Q8 it is not only the easy access, but equal to a double.

The CECT Q8 mobile phone watch is equipped with a dual SIM function equipped. So, users can operate their private and their business mobile card in a device on the wrist. The Watch cell phone CECT Q8 has the GSM quad band standard. Through modern technology, it is possible to operate card Watch cell phone is 2 SIM according to chronologicalwatches.

The available color for the Watch cell phone CECT Q8 is black. With additional features such as a 1.5 inch touchscreen display, a camera with 1.3 megapixels and a weight of just 75 grams, this phone watch is universal talent. Can store up to 180 SMS or MMS. The talk time for this mobile phone watch is 180 minuteswhen battery is fully charged, the standby time is reached even 180 hours. Bluetooth 2.0, an integrated radio, Mp4 Player, and a built-in task management are further features that can be used with the mobile phone watch CECT Q8. So, a film on the display on the wrist can be watched or tracked the favorite show on the radio . That 1.5 inch touchscreen display ensures ease of use of the various functions. The memory of the mobile phone watch can be extended over additional memory cards.

So you can say just Watch was yesterday. The dimensions of the Watch cell phone CECT Q8are not necessarily the smallest with 61 mm length, width 52 mm and a height of 19 mm. But given what technology is behind these dimensions, it is but a technical highlight that hope can be on other models also the major cell phone manufacturers. Included mostly is battery, a charger, and a Bluetooth headset a 2 and a 2 GB micro SD card included.

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