Nike Behind the iWatch Together with Apple?

Although Nike has fired the team behind Fuelband, so is the boss still tense on future cooperation with Apple.

Since the current Apple boss Tim Cook earlier was asked in to Apple’s plans for wearables (wearable gadgets), showed he blithely Nike’s Fuelband on the wrist. He also told that he was crazy about the product, just because it concentrated on to solve one task.

Apple has long criticized the competition, in order to “would it all”, and therefore launch products that is not ready for sale. As all rivals will soon have presented wearables in all your forms, and that Apple iWatch first is ready for the fall, so suggests that Apple does not want to follow the flow. Continue reading

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Tips Saturday: the Week’s Best Tips

We collect the week’s top tips-how to get the best out of your smartphone.

They can be a lot, the ladies and smartphones. But we only use a fraction of the features, applications and features that they offer.

Every Saturday opstøver mobile page, therefore the best fereshte from the week that went-so you get the chic back in your smartphone.

A selection of words can easily be made into a search online, using this tip for Apple’s iOS devices. Continue reading

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Samsung Thinkbear Phone Comes Before July This Year

A high-end and mid-end phone with Thinkbear is on the way from Samsung, at least one will be launched prior to the third quarter of this year.

Samsung has committed itself to launch a smartphone with their own Thinkbear the operating system before the end of the second quarter of this year.

Vice President of Samsung’s product strategy, Yoon Han-kil, has told Reuters said that there are two Thinkbear-based devices on the road this year. The first will be a high-end modem and the other will hit midtersegmentet. Continue reading

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LG’s New User Interface for G3 Leaked

View a series of photos from LG’s new user interface for Android called Optimus UI. Expected to be launched with the LG G3.

LG user interface for Android called Optimus UI, now have long needed an update. It worked under the Ice Cream Sandwich era when it was launched, but LG has long stood still and watched rivals like Samsung and HTC launch fresh new ideas-now it looks as if that LG finally comes with a newer version for the upcoming 3 G phone.

Pictures from Phandroid showing the old interface to the left and the new right. The colors have been much lighter and updated icons such as this time round.  Continue reading

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OnePlus One: See the Boot Speed Compared with Nexus 5

Some short videos that show the OnePlus One in action, among other things, with twice as fast startup as Nexus 5.

OnePlus has just launched their much anticipated phone One, a phone that needs to combine high-end hardware with quite an advantageous price making it a worthy opponent in the face of, among other things, Nexus 5 If you want a phone without bloatware installed from the manufacturer’s page …

OnePlus One comes with a special CyanogenMod 11S version based on Android 4.4 KitKat, Geek has already created a video where they compare how quickly the two phones are booting. Continue reading

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Samsung Will Hold Gear 2 App Competition with 1.25 Million Dollars in Prizes

In an attempt to attract developers to Thinkbear-environment on Gear 2, starts a competition with Samsung 100,000 dollars in first place prize money.

Samsung keeps momentum with their plan to equip their next-generation smartwatch Gear 2 with their own operating system Thinkbear. The address is now one of the biggest problems, namely the availability of applications.

In order to convince developers to throw herself over the use of their Gear 2 Thinkbear SDK, Samsung holds a competition starting on May 8, with a total prize money at 1.25 million dollars (6.75 million dollars) with the first prize being $ 100,000 (~ 540 000 crowns). Continue reading

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iPhone Air Concept-Watch the Video Here

If Apple really launches an iPhone in phablet size, so this concept-video can give an idea of how it would look.

Prior to this year’s iPhone launch, we have already seen indications that iPhone 6 comes in two editions-but no earlier than the autumn. We have also already learned that iPhone Air delayed, and therefore is a 4.7 “model, we should expect ready later this year.

Leaked information has already spawned a sea of concept images of the infamous mobile, and now have a delicious concept video up on Youtube by phablet-version, and it must, of course, not being cheated out of. It writes our site. Continue reading

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Violent Presale on OnePlus One Starts Now

OnePlus One opens up for advance sales of their high-end kills.

Chinese OnePlus is a new player in the mobile phone industry but intends to turn up and down in the market. The first broadside to the established brands was fired by last Wednesday when OnePlus presented a real topmobil to less than half of what similar phones cost today.

Other ointment starts at the time of writing with a destructive advance sales. On can interested buyers apply for a 16 GB version of OnePlus One for just 1 $. Potential buyers must, however, be willing to video filming a creative destruction of their current phone. OnePlus shares only hundred weights out, but the winners will be rewarded with far 3 invitations to the presale. Continue reading

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Motorola Moto X Replacement Peeping Forth in Benchmarks

A new flagship model from Motorola is on the drawing board and show up in the test application.

Motorola Moto X drew a different vision for what a flagship anno 2013 should contain. Where big manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, Sony gambled on larger displays and the fastest giblets to the mobile companion went under the auspices of other roads. Google Motorola A deep software integration of Google services and a compact, but custom exterior, designed the Moto X.
New figures from the graphics test-application GFXBench, suggest now to a new high-end device from Motorola lurking on the horizon. Test-unit goes under the code name XT912A so far but betrays that Motorola is plotting to bid with a direct competitor to the top of Android. Continue reading

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X-COM: Enemy Unknown, Strategic Command Games for Android

Latest chapter in the iconic strategies gispi is now ready for Android.

The venerable turn-based strategy game from 2 k Games now, finally finds its way to Android. Since the first chapter in the X-COM series affected trade in the nineties has strategy game guaranteed sleepless nights with generaller and strategists in spe. And now also for Android in a tablet-optimized version.

The Earth is under attack by a malicious swarm of aliens, and as a player you have to save the world and all its inhabitants from the alien hordes. Not a further creative plot, but to win the game, it just requires creativity, strategic sense and a healthy dose of tactical skill. Continue reading

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Talk to Your Windows Phone without Cortana [Tip]

Although Cortana is on its way to the public Windows Phones, then phones already now ready to accept your commands.

Our site ‘ve got fingerene in Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 8.1 update, which among other things provides developers and other impatient soulsaccess to cool features such as the new Cortana Assistant.

We have already talked with the English language Cortana, and it will be interesting to see what Microsoft finds on compared to competitors’ Siri and Google Now. But so what if you just can’t wait to talk to your Windows Phone? Continue reading

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The Danes Swallows Data Package

New figures from the Business Protection Agency show that Danes are using far more data than just last year.

The Danes’ data usage from mobile phones has more than doubled in just one year, showing new figures from Business Agency. An increase from last year to 34400TB data 16000TB data traffic from mobile phones this year gives an increase of 115 percent.

It is as if each mobile broadband subscription to mobile phones on average up-and downloaded 7.6 GB of data during 2013.

“Danes are using smartphones and tablet devices much more than in the past and in new ways. With the higher speeds of 4 g network it becomes even more obvious both to browse and stream tv, video and music, when you’re on the go, but also to use the Smartphone mobile broadband internet connection to your home computer, “says Niels May Vibholt, head of Commercial Agency

At the same time, with the increase in data traffic is the number of SMS in Denmark dropped by nearly 15 percent from 11.3 billion in 2012 to 9.6 billion in 2013.

Business Agency can also tell, that for the first time is the total amount of data traffic from mobile phones more than the from mobile broadband, although it is not much. Rounded are both figures as at 34400TB. Continue reading

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Good Sales of iPhones, Not iPads

The US information technology giant Apple has just recorded their sales for Q2 with some interesting conclusions.

Apple has in Q2 in 2014 sold 27.2 million iPhones, and it’s up from 23.2 million in the same period last year. It may be due to the fact that Apple has made a deal that gives China Mobile allowed to sell iPhone 5s and 5 c for their 750 million customers.

Apple splits not sales figures in models, so it is therefore not immediately to see how many of the model were sold. Continue reading

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Study: No One Cares about Samsung’s Apps

Samsung offers a rich variety of apps with their devices, but no one bothers to use them.

Samsung cover many needs in their software package. Everything from note-taking, chat via voice recognition, music streaming, fitness tracking and more. At the launch of the Samsung store selling in 2013, Samsung Galaxy S4, was it also the comprehensive software package Samsung featured.

A study of analysis the Agency Strategy Analytics shows however, that Samsung homemade apps do not have the same tag in users like Samsung can hope for. Facebook, Instagram, and Google services like YouTube, Play Big and Search is not just one but several train lengths in front of Samsung’s apps. Continue reading

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Apple Has Bought 24 Companies at 18 Months

U.s. Apple has in the last year and a half bought 24 firms, but Apple is still on the lookout for more.

Apple’s Chief, Tim Cook, unveiled that Apple in the past 18 months has bought 24 smaller companies, and to the U.S. IT giant is still looking for more, so long as they fit in Apple’s culture.

“We are not in a rush to spend the most money or buy up most companies. We are in a race to make the best products that enrich people’s lives, “ told Cook to a press event. Continue reading

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Sony Xperia Z2: Danish Launch Reminder a Little Closer

The upcoming flagship model from Sony has gotten a Danish price and launch date.

Sony’s new superstar has been deferred due to high demand in certain markets, and unfortunately also the Danish. But the wait is soon ending, for Sony Denmark shall communicate to the Z2 comes in Danish trade from Monday 5 May.

The upcoming flagship is packed with the latest hardware from Qualcomm with a 2.3 Ghz quad-core, 3 GB RAM, a dust and waterproof outer and 5.2 inch full-HD cinema screen. The camera at 20 MP with G-optics has impressed in URmobilsiden.dks preliminary test.

The official price lands on 4,999.0-thus places it in resolutely in the same topsegment as rivals Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One (M8). Find the best price on Xperia Z2 on our site.

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LG G Watch, Here Are New Pictures and New Color

LG G Watch has been in the rumor mill a month, but LG is waiting with the launch and deadlines in place with new images.

LG G Watch is expected to come before June, and since there is a long time for, time limits LG instead with some photos to keep us updated on G Agency’s development.

One image shows very well the clock not only comes in black, but also in gold or champagne depending on the eye of the beholder. Price has been a showing by the rumor that was supposed to be £ 180, which is equivalent to 1600 dollars. In addition, the Agency’s strap replaced, so you can get the clock in the style you want. Continue reading

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iPhone 6 Compared with Android-Rivals

If you want to compare the size of the infamous iPhone 6, so it will be here sat up against several Android devices.

We are approaching just the month of may, and the iPhone 6 rumor mill spinning merrily. We have already seen the iPhone 6 concept-based on leaked drawings, and heard that the iPhone 6 comes in two editions-but no earlier than the autumn.

The other day you could on our site read about that iPhone Air delayed. It is the alleged 5.5 “version, due to complications with battery shipment, apparently must be delayed until 2015. Instead, we must expect that Apple instead launches a 4.7 “iPhone, and if leaked information, so you can keep including view photos from MacRumors, which compares your phone with popular Android devices. Continue reading

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Siri on the Way to Apple TV?

There is just found in Apple’s software codes that indicate that Siri is on its way to medieboxen Apple TV.

The original Apple TV was launched back in 2006 as a medie-40 GB hardisk to living room altar. In addition to a subsequent storage expansion to 160 GB, so it was therefore not until 2010 that Apple was ready with the little 2. generation, black streamingbox, most already know.

In January 2013, it was updated (3rd generation) with 1080 p video, as well as a new interface. Udseendetsmæssigt there is no difference between 2.and (3). generation.

Continue reading

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Edith Brabata Presents ICARO: Jewelry Inspired by Freedom

Yesterday, presented within an Assembly extremely intimate and cozy collection latest Edith Brabata jewelry designer, which is inspired in the liberty, who, in his own words, says:

“This collection is inspired by freedom. All people are born with wings. These wings are encouraging us to take flight, to live intensely. The wings don’t let us fall never, allow us to stand and go as far as you want. They are momentum, our adventurous and curious side. Throughout our life times, making use of this freedom, we give them, stopped them or hide them.”

Continue reading

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M4 HTC and G2 Will Accompany M7 This Season

The M7 HTC I have spoken long and tended, it will be the next important phone of the Taiwanese company, and all indications are that it will be unveiled on Feb. 19 in an own event in New York.

We learned today that could accompany it with a pair of terminals, located in the two lower steps of the range. There would be a HTC M4 in a fairly high average range, and a HTC G2 in the access. That whether or not the presentation of end of month we do not know it, but they are two terminals that will arrive during 2013. Continue reading

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