Rolf Is Pure Occupies Now Your iPhone

Doping concessions will no end take in the world of cycling, but Rolf is clean – now also as application for iPhone.

The people behind the website our site has in the wake of concessions around the use of doping by Lance Armstrong and Michael Rasmussen felt it important to underline their message that the Rolf Sørensen has never used banned substances.

That is why they launched last Saturday by 22-time application “Rolf is pure” in Apple’s App Store. In the first two hours reached application to be downloaded about 600 times. Continue reading

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HTC M7 Previewed and Tested by HTC-Chief Executive

Peter Chou, ceo of HTC, is up in the clouds over their next top model – so much he even is spotted with it.

Peter Chou, CEO of HTC, has during the company’s Annual closing party in Taipei showcased the upcoming top model HTC M7 – just as he also thanked the employees who have worked on the cell phone. It writes our site.

It is our site, which has showcased a clip in which Peter Chou allegedly had to tell on the phone and that he thinks “the Banquet” was a golden opportunity to test the camera. You can view the video clip on our site.

Chou also got all the attendees to give HTC M7 and One heckled with on the road. See it in the video below.

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HTC Is Expected to Have Several Phones in Sleeve-End M7

The rumors about HTC M7 have been many, but it is presented probably 19. February and getting enough company of two other models.

HTC has summoned to the event in London and New York on 19 November. February and here it is strongly expected that the next top model HTC M7 will be presented to the public.

But there should be more hidden in the sleeve. It is reported that there also will be presented two other models from HTC – namely a HTC M4 and a HTC G2. It writes our site.
Continue reading

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Our Site’s Board of Directors and Director Sends out Scandal

A skandalesag at our site Sonera has been the top Director to resign. The Board is also enabled on the port.

Swedish industry is hit by one of the worst scandals in years. It has gained Nyberg, the Senior Director of our site Sonera, to resign. In addition, the Board is thrown out, writes our site  with source in the Ritzau Bureau.

It is the suspicion of bribery, corruption and serious violations of rules of ethics that Friday led to the dramatic development. Continue reading

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Twitter Struck Record During the Super Bowl

During the night’s Super Bowl sent users on Twitter 24.1 tweets about the Super Bowl, it’s almost a doubling from last year.

Twitter users were busy with other things than to follow the Super Bowl last night, it was to the set record in number of tweets.

On the course and the 49ers, Ravens fought but it was not all that only had eyes directed toward the screen. Millions of Twitter users also spent time on, to write tweets about the clash.

The activity on Twitter was so high that in the course of the match was written 24.1 million tweets about the Super Bowl, according to Twitter itself.

For comparison, during the Super Bowl 2012 between the New York Giants and the New England Patriots sent 13.7 million tweets.

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iPhone 5 Got Data Usage to Explode

After the iPhone 5-owner got access to the fast 4 g speeds are data usage exploded on 4 g mobile network.

Apple’s iPhone is known as the smartphone, which is responsible for the lion’s share of data consumption in telecommunications carriers ‘ mobile networks. But after the phone, which was the year’s top-selling smartphone in Denmark in 2012, a week ago, got access to the fast 4 g data networks, is the amount of data that is transferred almost exploded. Continue reading

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Samsung and LG Patent War Moves out of the Courtroom

Scramble between Samsung and LG for four screen patents must be resolved face to face instead of in the courtroom.

2012 featured on many news about patent fights in courtrooms around the world, but the new year has brought new approaches to the problems with it. At least in a brawl between Samsung and LG.

According to our site are the world’s two largest display producers, Samsung Display co. and LG Display co., decided to enter into a dialogue in an attempt to prevent patent uenigheder from escalating.

Currently, we have four suits, which is about the accounts screen patents, running.

The head of Samsung’s display division, Kim Ki-nam, said that they will try “to solve the problems one by one”, while LG’s Director of screens, he Sang-beom, confirms that the companies must talk together.

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Confidence in Windows Phone from Users

A poll on our site last week reveals that there is still confidence in the Windows Phone platform.

There are many writings about Windows Phone platform – the drawers or they live up to expectations? Our site set out to find out what users thought about Microsoft’s mobile operating system.

Microsoft has not had the success on the Windows Phone platform, which many otherwise expected. Several analysts had expected at this point in time, that Windows Phone sat on about 10 percent of the market. Continue reading

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New F-Series on the Way from LG

LG is expected to launches a new F-series of smartphones or tablets at this year’s Mobile World Congress.

The Korean company LG has announced their results for the fourth quarter of 2012 and the overall result for 2012.

The company has sold 145 million mobile phones in the last quarter of 2012. Thereof was 8.6 million Android devices, writes our site, which at the same time that it provides increase compared to the third quarter at 23 percent, where LG sold about 7 million units.

Another interesting thing, which is to be found in the company’s press material, is the first official information on a new F-series.

LG tells that they plan follow-up to the Optimus devices G and L-series, as well as a new F-series.

However, there is no more information about the upcoming series, but it is expected that the presented at the Mobile World Congress at the end of this month.

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SMS Error Solved- Our-Site-Customers Can Now Send SMS on 4 G

4 g customers with phone company  has had a share of hassle with sending SMS-messages-but the error is now resolved, according to the company.

Customers of telecommunications company with 4 g smartphones, regardless of brand, has over the past week, had difficulty in getting SMS messages through the mobile network. It has been shown with delayed messages, while other messages have been lost in a black hole and not come forward.  Continue reading

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Here Are the Upcoming Feature in Nokia’s Windows Phone 8 Phones

See what new features that come with a software update for the Nokia Windows Phone 8 phones.

With Nokia’s Windows Phone 8 phones, including 620, 810, 820, Lumia 822 and 920, lacked a feature that has been available in previous models, namely flip-to-silence.

Flip-to-silence works in brief by the phone’s ringtone can be muted by adding the device with the screen down.

One of our site users have found a new software version of Nokia’s servers, however, apparently are still in the experimental stage.

It is managed users to download the software and install it on a Lumia 620, who subsequently appears to have gotten better battery life, better performance and flip-to-silence feature.

Our site guess also that the upcoming software also will contain DNLA.

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Now You Can Update Your Sony Xperia V for Jelly Bean

The Hardy high-end smartphone Xperia from Sony can just now updates the V to the latest Android version-Jelly Bean.

The dust-and water-resistant Xperia V (LT25i) from Sony was already at launch promised update for Android 4.1 Jelly Bean – and now it is here.

Update for Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean on Xperia V became available from yesterday. The update must be downloaded via Sony PC Companion. It informs Sony Mobile Denmark to our site.

Rollout of the Jelly Bean is done entirely according to plan. Back in January reported Sony out that Jelly Bean would be ready to update Xperia V from week 6-7.

What bug fixes will happen to the update remains to be seen. After the update your copy of Xperia V have Android 4.1.2 version number 9.1. A. 0.490.

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ASUS Padfone 2 Sold in More Than 1 Million Copies

Asus has now sold over 1 million copies of Padfone 2. Rumor has it that an updated device is presented at MWC.

ASUS Padfone 2 is called one of the most innovative products in the mobile market. Padfone 2 is marketed as a 3-in-1 phone that is both smartphone, tablet and laptop.

Now Asus has reportedly sold Padfone 2 in about 1 million copies, writes our site with source at our site.

What’s more interesting is that our site claims that Asus will present an updated version of Padfone at the upcoming Mobile World Congress at the end of February.

Asus has drawn more headlines recently, with long ring of Vivo Tab Smart ME 400 and MeMO Pad ME 172, which is a 7 “tablet.

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New Smartphones from Huawei at Mobile World Congress

Chinese Huawei makes more and more care of themselves on the smartphone market – and it is rumored they are ready with several new models to the MWC.

The Chinese mobile manufacturer is expected to present their Ascend P2 to the world’s largest mobile phone trade show, Mobile World Congress, which takes place in Barcelona at the end of February.

But it is not enough. According to our site, Huawei will probably also present a mini version of P2 for the same event. It writes our site.

According to the rumors have Ascend P2 mini a 4 inch screen with 720 p, 8 megapixel camera, 1 GB of RAM, dual-core processor and Android Jelly Bean.

If there are teams in the rumors are we wiser on during Mobile World Congress. Huawei holds News Conference on Sunday the 24th. February 2013 – and will be present at this.

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Our Site Chief: There Must Be Peace in the Mobile Market

Denmark’s largest telecommunications company to live up to their own expectations in 2012, despite strong competition on the telecommunications market.

Denmark’s largest telecommunications company to live up to their own expectations in 2012, despite the strong competition on the Danish telecommunications market. Here’s how it sounds in a press release from our site. Continue reading

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Nokia-Boss: Try to Learn by Surface-Tablet

Nokia lurks on the tablet market, says the company’s Managing Director. The focus will initially be on Windows.

More and more tablets finds its way to store shelves, and most models running Android as the operating system.

In the autumn, however, the Microsoft brought Windows-based Surface-tablets on the course, and it has moved closer to Nokia to participate in race, says Stephen Elop, Chief Executive Officer of Nokia. Continue reading

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Such Is the Camera on Sony Xperia Z

The top model Xperia Z from Sony is ready in the Danish telecommunications stores in the first quarter of this year-see what the camera can here.

The next top model from Sony, Xperia Z, comes with a 13 megapixel camera that also is equipped with an Exmor RS image-sensor.

Xperia Z’s like Xperia V a hardy cell phone that can handle a lot of the things smartphones usually can’t, but it’s not gone beyond either specifications or designed.

Xperia Z comes on the market with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, but even before the phone is on the market, Sony has promised that an update for Android 4.2 Jelly Bean comes as soon as possible.

In the video below you can see how the Xperia Z taking pictures.

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HTC Unveils New Audio and Camera Experience in 2013

The next significant step in the development of improved sound and camera in mobile phones coming this year from HTC, the company promises.

There will be compared and competed at many different points, each time the major mobile manufacturers will send a new flagship model on the market.

One of the more prominent points is the camera portion, and now is HTC gone new ways in trying to promote upcoming products. Continue reading

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Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 Tablet Review: Pro-Promotion of Productive or Pro-Fessionel? [TEST]

Samsung will show that with 12.2 inch Quad HD display can be just as productive as with a computer.

Note-series is no unknown player, and as it is seen with the oversized phones, this is no exception. In the autumn of 2013 came first shot on the trunk with its 2560 x 1600 pixels spread across ten inches, and now continues the product line in a larger format. The question is whether Samsung manages to lure such a large tablet into the consumer’s home or whether the primary ends up with the busy businessmen. Continue reading

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HTC Sense 6 Comes to HTC One (M7) to May

The sixth sense is on the way to last year’s flagship from HTC.

Owners of HTC’s critically acclaimed top model from 2013 can rejoice for the latest edition of Sense will soon adorn their home screen. Jason Mackenzie, the country Manager for the United States confirms on Twitter to HTC HTC One users will receive the update by the end of May.

This applies for u.s. versions of HTC One, but since the international version typically gets updates in the past, these users can also look forward to an early update.

Sense in particular a number of Visual enhancements bring 3.7. At the same time one can awaken etteren with a double dot on the screen as with LG and Nokia. You can read more about the sixth sense in our review of the HTC One (M8).

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The EU Is Calling for Continued Joint Standard for Mobile Chargers

Mobile phone manufacturers must continue to support a common standard for chargers, despite the agreement has expired, requires the EUROPEAN UNION.

There are earlier entered into a voluntary agreement on a standard charger, which is based on the microUSB, but this appointment expired at the end of 2012. This can mean that, once again, come different Chargers. It writes our site.

-“If manufacturers do not prolong the contract before the end of February, the EU will commit them to do it,” said European Commissioner Antonio Tajani to the German news magazine Focus.
Continue reading

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