Tips Saturday: the Week’s Best Tips

We collect the week’s top tips-how to get the best out of your smartphone!

They can be a lot, the ladies and smartphones. But we only use a fraction of the features, applications and features that they offer.

Every Saturday opstøver mobile page, therefore the best fereshte from the week that went-so you get the chic back in your smartphone.

If you are looking for new wallpapers and ringtones for your Windows Phone, so is the popular Zedge source now tailored for the purpose. Continue reading

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Google’s Modular Phone Launches in January 2015

Already early next year will Project Ara translate into a physical device ready for purchase for just $ 50.

One of the most notable projects in the mobile world in this time, is Google’s project Ara who is to make a phone built up of small modules that can be replaced at will.

Google has at a development conference just unveiled for an expected launch date, already at the beginning of next year, according to Google could acquire the first model for a price of 50 dollars (270.0-NOK). Continue reading

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Facebook Begins Rollout of New “Find Friends” Feature

The social networking giant will now help users find friends who are nearby.

We told recently on our site about a new trend: Anti-social apps gaining ground. So there is talk about apps that via location can help to alert when annoying acquaintances is within reach.

Now Facebook has chosen to roll out a new “nearby friends” function, which as the name suggests, can notify about friends who are near your current location. It writes the Facebook in a press release. Continue reading

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Sony Xperia Z2 Compact-See the Leaked Photos

Sony’s acclaimed Z2 smartphone pops up now in a compact little brother who should take over the square from the Z1 Compact.

As the show appears in Sony Xperia Z1 Compact review: Muscle cell in the compact class [MOBILE TEST], so are the editors on our site excited about Sony’s views on pocket-friendly flagship mobiles.

Now leaked photos surfaced on the Web of the sequel. This mobile is not surprising under the name “Z2 Compact”, since there is talk about a sequel to the critically acclaimed Sony Xperia Z2, as the mobile site recently have looked more closely at the.

Continue reading

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How to Quickly Looking in Chrome Browser on Android Falcons [Tip]

Google has updated their Chrome browser for Android phones, so the Falcons look now has been given an easy-to-use location.

In this Tip: take advantage of your smartphones Falcons eye, have previous graphic, how to from your phone, search for specific words on a website, so zooming and panning can be kept to an absolute minimum.

On Android phones, it has been necessary to use the menu settings. In a general effort to remove it needs, so have the familiar “Find in page” feature now kept moving day, so the function acts as on Apple’s iOS devices. Continue reading

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Fat Apple iWatch Concept-See the Pictures Here

If Apple has real plans to move in on the smartwatch-market, so must iWatch would like to look like this.

The market for wearables (wearable gadgets) is developing rapidly, and here is the so-called “smartwatches” (Smart Watches) particularly popular as extra gadget, since the phone’s features are made available from the wrist.

Until now, Apple has not presented a smartur, but rumors have long pointed in the direction that it is on the way. Sources say that Apple iWatch is getting ready for the fall, and that we should expect 2 different screen sizes to choose from. Continue reading

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Nokia: Do Not Use 2520-Charger

Finland’s Nokia has issued a warning about the use of the charger that comes with Nokia 2520.

Nokia has issued a warning about the use of the charger to the Tablet Nokia 2520, the one who has the name AC 300, and calls on all the owners to stop using it immediately.

The warning comes due to Nokia’s own quality control, which has shown that a piece of plastic can tear himself away, and this is done, can the components inside the potentially result in electric shock, the charger if the charger is sitting in a switched outlet.

For more information refer Nokia for this website, and says otherwise, that it is only the charger for Nokia 2520, there can be risks of. All company other chargers constitute no risk.

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Snapdragon 808 810 Is Revealed, and View the Upcoming Chip Here

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chipset has firmly in the smartphone market, and now there is new information on the next generation.

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 was in most top models from 2013, and the top models we have just come onto the market, has seen a Snapdragon 801. The upcoming Snap dragon 805 is also gradually on the way out to the smartphone market, and therefore, it is of course interesting to look at the next installment.

A little unusual then this is not rumors but official figures from Qualcomm. One can think that Qualcomm shows these figures to put pressure on competitors and of course, win customers. Continue reading

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Mobile Use During Easter Luncheon Is Unpopular

Most Danes are not crazy about when others are on Twitter or Facebook when eaten Easter lunch.

If you imagine that you need to take a picture of the company and put it on Instagram during Easter lunch, so you can expect a few disapproving glances.

We can deduce from a study from Epinion consultancy firm on behalf of Telenor, which shows that 66 percent of respondents think it is inappropriate to use his smartphone during the Easter lunch. However, there is a difference between the generations, when 77 percent of the 56-75-year-old replies that it is inappropriate, while in the age group 18-35 is 53 percent who think the same. Continue reading

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Gift Guide for Konfirmanden

If you are looking for inspiration for the gift for the expectant organizers so you can find some tips here.

Soon it is teeming with newly minted lasses at the Danish streets, and they must of course begaves in an appropriate manner. What you need to give them on the big day, however, can be difficult, and so the entry our site to help.

There are of course different budgets in games, and that is why we have proposals in several different price ranges, so you can find exactly the gift that fits the best. Continue reading

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Google Will Make Contact Lenses

If glasses not just you, then Google will like to give you an alternative, namely with fancy lenses.

It started out as a project that was supposed to measure blood sugar levels in people with diabetes through their tears, that thereby they might keep an eye on their blood sugar easily. Google’s lenses can, however, get to remind more of Google’s goggles after a new patent.

Google has got a patent for a camera module that can sit in the cool lenses and work together with them.

Continue reading

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Here Is Nokia’s 6-Step Guide to the Perfect Selfie with Lumia [TIP]

If your Film roll on Lumia phone failure ‘selfies’ accumulate, so, Nokia has created a guide that can help you along the way.

We know in advance that over half of Danes prefer it free of the annoying selfies on social media.Nevertheless, a quick overview of the news bulletin on Facebook probably reveal several and perhaps even unsuccessful attempts on the same photographic techniques.

To mark the occasion have Mobile site found a 6-step guide on the Nokia Web site for the perfect selfie with Lumia-phones, and it must, of course, not being cheated out of.
Continue reading

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Pioneer Soon Ready with CarPlay Integration

Manufacturer Pioneer will integrate Apple’s new CarPlay function in five audio systems for the car at the beginning of the summer.

We have recently told on our site that the manufacturer Alpine on the road with CarPlay installations for the car and here mentioned that they could be the first manufacturer on the market with the integration, which reportedly will start in the new year. Continue reading

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Office for iPad Now Cheaper with New “Office 365 Personal” Subscription

After a nice start for the launch of Office for iPad, techgiganten has now created a more price friendly subscription to customers.

It recovers enough not as the great news that Office for iPad is ready, when the popular productivity suite from Microsoft has been long awaited by techgiganten iPad fans the world over.

A week after the launch, we could also note that the Office for the iPad has been downloaded 12 million times. This, however, does not stop there, because Microsoft has just launched a cheaper version of their paid subscription, as their new apps requires to work fully. It writes Apple Insider. Continue reading

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Galaxy S5 ‘s Fingerprint Sensor Can Lure

The German security researchers who have previously laced TouchID sensor on the iPhone 5S, can now use same trick on Galaxy S5.

Fingerprint readers on the cool smartphones will be met with some skepticism by many, since they in no ways want their unique imprint must end up in the wrong hands.

Immediately after the launch of the iPhone 5S with fingerprint sensor TouchID, managed a group of German security researchers to “hack” the sensor, by using a copy of the image. After the launch of Galaxy S5 has the same group of researchers now made the same trick on Samsung’s new flag ship mobile. It writes our site. Continue reading

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LG G2 Mini: the Compact Large Screen Is Launched in Denmark Today.

LG mini version of their flagship G2 comes to Denmark today.

Today the starting signal sounded for the Nordic launch of the younger brother to LG’s successful G2-flag ship. It inherits the same designlinier with the backward-facing buttons and wall-to-wall screen on the front.

Though it’s a mini, it is no mikroskærm that graces the cover of G2 mini. It is 4.7 inch qHD IPS display with LG’s KnockOn lock screen to find here, and it approaches the size of last year’s top models-in a compact packaging at 130x66x9, 8 mm and 121 grams. Continue reading

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Great Collaboration to Mobile Theft Sat in the Lake

A few great names have joined forces in a new partnership to make smartphone thefts less attractive.

In order to make it less appealing for shady types to steal smart phones has been in the United States to introduce mandatory security measures discussed in smartphones. That is until now not been realized, but a voluntary cooperation among some big names taking a step in that direction.

Apple, Google, Samsung, Microsoft and Nokia are some of the names found in the voluntary cooperation to introduce security features in future smartphones. Continue reading

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New Details on Amazon-Phone

Pictures and a little specifications have appeared on Amazon’s attempt to become part of the smartphone race.

It is yet unknown what Amazon’s upcoming smartphone will come to be called, but now a few pictures surfaced along with more information on, among other things, the 3D portion of the phone.

Amazon’s smartphone will have the entire six cameras. Two of them are completely traditional with a on the front and one on the back, but the last four are located in each corner on the front. The four must then register the user’s eyes, so the screen can give 3D effect in relation to where you look. Continue reading

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iPhone 6 Dolls Now up with 5.1″ Screen

So far rumored iPhone 6 to come in two screen sizes, but new images are spreading confusion.

If you’ve been following along on the our site in the recent past, then you have probably noticed the persistent rumors that the next iPhone from Apple with the very highest probability will come with a bigger screen than in the past.

We have also mentioned that the iPhone 6 comes in two editions-but no earlier than the autumn, because rumors have pointed in the direction of a version on 4.7 “and a greater of 5.5”. However, there is now a flourishing picture on the Web that supposedly shows the front at the upcoming iPhone 6, and it is not up by the aforementioned screen sizes. It writes Apple Insider.  Continue reading

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Take Slimming Selfies with the SkinneePix App for iPhone [Tip]

When the last kilos is missing from nytårsfortsættet, you can trim the cheeks in a jiffy with the SkinneePix app for the iPhone.

We have earlier told on the mobile site, the Danes cheats with their selfies, since the pictures are often edited with apps, filters and other form of photo editing.

App-shopping abounds in advance of photo apps that are ready to edit your upcoming profile image, and it can be an impossible task to keep rescue and an overview of the Committee. If the goal of your new year’s Eve continue not quite is reached, and the cheeks thereby curves a bit too much, so has our site found an app for the iPhone that is ready to help with the task. Continue reading

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BlackBerry Is in the Process of Building Its Own Coffin

BlackBerry has long been in trouble, but now they make matters worse by stopping cooperation with an important partner.

Do you remember the BlackBerry? They were great in boot 00s, especially in the United States where BlackBerry had a good grip in the American business people. The only thing that could threaten the BlackBerry, Nokia, which was not, however, had the great luck with the United States.

Times have changed, and now suffers BlackBerry with many red numbers. BlackBerry tops not just sales charts, and now they make matters worse by failing to extend cooperation with an important partner. It has emerged that the BlackBerry has chosen not to renew their contract with telecommunications provider T-Mobile. T-Mobile is one of the four largest operators in the United States, and therefore one of the most important partners. Continue reading

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