Cyclocross Training Tips

Road: Veldrijden, or cyclo-cross in Dutch is intensive, technically and physically very challenging. Bicyclings Fredrik Ericsson gives you advice with regard to training, technology and materials.

Winter sport cyclo-cross has his heart in Vlaanderen in Western Belgium. But France also exerted in fresh cyclo-cross, Italy, Czech Republic and Germany and has grown big in the United States. The “nederlands” called sport veldrijden, which translated to Swedish becomes field and that describes quite well what it is all about. Continue reading

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Vätternrundan Cycling Race

Road: Vätternrundan beats on their gong to alert all cyclists on that it is only a few days left before the notification window for next year’s race will be closed.

Vätternrundan themselves:

“Now it is only 21 days left …

Right now, the fall in interest in the party and the minute. Have you noticed that you must make application and form groups last October 31 in order to receive your registration code and the ability to subscribe to Vätternrundan on the 4th of november at. 19.00? Continue reading

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Roma Gran Fondo

By road: the rapper run orakat, and editor-in-Chief run hydraulically. Sunday’s challenge for both of them spelled Roma Gran fondo.

It’s been over six months since our columnist Petter Alexis Askergren and our Chief Editor Andreas Danielsson drove New York Gran fondo. Tomorrow it is time again, though now in Rome.
The track has a similar character as in the United States where the route is 165 kilometres and the number of meters of altitude is around 3000.

Gran fondo New York – Before I was actually better genomtränad than now. This summer has been sick filled so unfortunately training suffered. But it doesn’t matter – this should be fun, “says Petter. Continue reading

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UMI Touch X to Arrive on March 20, Perhaps with Borderless Design, Metal Frame and Glass back

The announcement came directly from the manufacturer through a press, UMi will officially launch on the market the new UMi Touch X, starting next March 20 and according leaked from the latest rumors, this should be a variant of the recent UMi Touch, characterized by a display with borderless design, metal perimeter frame and a possible back in glass.

A more refined version of the same model of reproducing material presented last month, to be offered at a price of about 150 dollars, 135 euros at the current exchange rate (in China).Waiting for more precise information, please note the full specifications of UMi Touch. Continue reading

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Layar Is Updated to Support Social Networks

Layar, the known application of reality augmented by layers, it has updated to version 5.0 to add new features. Among the new features is the integration with Facebook and Twitter, making that from now on it is possible to share with our contacts information as interesting locations, 3D models, or new layers that we have found and they are of interest. Continue reading

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What Are the Differences Between the Different Versions of Mi 5? Explains Xiaomi

The new Xiaomi Mi 5, after 18 months of waiting, it’s now official. As we have seen in the course of his presentation, the Chinese manufacturer has launched 3 different variants of the same model; What are the differences between them (in addition to internal memory)?And again; the new Mi 5 is definitely a very palatable, even less costs of import, but What are the supported network bands? You can have free access to the bootloader?

Knowing your users, and expecting this kind of questions, Xiaomi has prepared a page Q & Awhere officially responds to these questions and many more. We are therefore aware that the basic version of Xiaomi Mi 5 is equipped with a 1.8 GHz Snapdragon clockato 820 toregarding the CPU and 510MHz regarding the GPU, while the other two variants have equal to 2.15 GHz clock and 624MHz, respectively. Even the memories RAM LPDDR4 have a lower clock on the base model; 1333MHz against 1866MHz of top models. Continue reading

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Live X 6 Plus: Preview by the MWC 2016

Qualcomm booth of MWC 2016 has many terminals powered by Snapdragon and what particularly attracted my attention was this Live x 6 Plus. In fact is nothing new, but it’s always a pleasure dealing with brands that unfortunately are not widespread in our market if not for streets. This live was released in December last year and fills the middle range of the market.

In fact primarily for the Snapdragon processor 615 octacore because otherwise the remaining specifications could compete with high end ones. In fact we have a 5.7-inch display “Super AMOLED fullHD (386 ppi) 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal memory expandable, LTE support Dual SIM and a fingerprint placed 7 Mate style. Continue reading

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Motorola Wanted to Make a Nexus 6 More Compact, But Google Has Demanded So

You’ve always thought that Nexus 6 was a device far too large for the standards that Google had used users of the Nexus range? Well, know that you are not the only ones who think so, since even Motorola wasn’t too convinced of realizing such a massive.

The news comes on the same admission Manso, in the words of Adrienne Hayes, Chief Marketing Officer of Motorola, which, during an interview, he reconstructed the events leading to the creation of the Nexus 6 we all know. Design by Nexus 6 occurred in a particular period in which the market was pushing more and more towards devices with large display, so Google wanted to stake everything on the construction of a Terminal “extreme”, so find out what the real needs of the market. Continue reading

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Hugo Barra Disproves Any Global Launch of Xiaomi Mi 5, at Least in the Short Term

The presence of Xiaomi at Mobile World Congress 2016 through the presentation of the new Mi 5, has been a pleasant surprise for everyone. For the first time this manufacturer looks to Europe taking part in a rally so important. Xiaomi Mi 5 has definitely been able to impress and be appreciated by users, much to circulate many rumors about a possible marketing in new markets, including the European one.

Rumors have begun to be immediately accosted by fair stands, shortly after the presentation, and in many they hoped to the last, but unfortunately, a recent interview conducted with Hugo Barra himself, came the denial concerning a possible global launch of new top of the line, at least in the short term. Continue reading

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The First Benchmark of Xiaomi Mi 4s Show Mixed Results

In the last event of Xiaomi, Chinese society has also introduced Xiaomi Mi 4s, a new mid-range Terminal representing a revised and updated version of its 4 Me. The presentation of the new medium end, despite having been swift and dismissive, allowed us to discover that we find a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 to move the Terminal, unlike the previous Snapdragon 801 used on the first edition.

Thanks to some pictures have emerged the first benchmark results carried out on AnTuTu in version 6.0.4, which show us the numbers fully in line with the competition, although it is impossible not to notice a decidedly enigmatic element. Your scores are equal to 63742 points and 54095, two outcomes that arise in almost 10,000 points of difference between them. Continue reading

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BlackBerry Priv, You Update the App Launcher and Keyboard

News for owners of BlackBerry Priv: there are important updates to the app launcher, Chamber and keyboard where you make improvements and new functions.

The update introduces for the first time the possibility to record video in slow-motion to 120 frames per second then replaying them at 30 frames per second. There are also improvements in stability and in performance of the camera app, as well as broader compatibility with “indexed stick”. Continue reading

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Huawei Event on 9 March in Berlin: Maybe P9?

A beer, the date of 9 March confirmed by opening teaser image, and the city of Berlin as a location chosen by Huawei for its first media event. These are the premises for the event that would unveil the new top of the range P9, with at least three variants, which will be of interest as always, different price ranges (P9 Lite and P9 Max).

Between images that are followed by days and technical features already known before that, barring surprises Huawei P9 should be equipped with a processor 950 Kirin with Mali-T880, 3 GB RAM, 32 GB of onboard memory expandable, rear, and a fingerprint sensor battery 3900mAh. Continue reading

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The Live Wallpapers Available for Download SII Galaxy

We have seen over and over again information of the Samsung Galaxy SII, We have seen videos and we know that the terminal is very close. In these videos we could see how Samsung phone comes with two Live Wallpapers custom, that thanks to Rawat, a member of xda-developers, can now try on our Android. Continue reading

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Honor 7 VS Honor 5 x: the Comparison According to Our Site

After trying a long time Honor 5 x I wanted to do a ‘ step back ‘ and picking up 7 Honor, motivation you gave you too in the comments of the review of the first, asking many which could be better of the two. Belong to two different categories, it is clear, if the hardware is more or less similar, the sizes are different and instead Honor 7 is for me to the limit, before being considered a phablet, such as 5 x.

We know them well either, so I won’t reiterate too many technical details that you may find in their comprehensive reviews (Honor 5 x and Honor 7), in a video of 5 minutes I wanted to examine quite fundamental points 10 ‘ that prefer one or the other. Let’s see in detail: Continue reading

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Oukitel K10000 on Offer Just $ 99 from 7 March

The Chinese manufacturer Oukitel, which has done so much to talk about himself for unusual batteries mounted on its smartphones, announced that on March 7 will create a Flash sale at$ 99.99 for its top of the range K10000.

Oukitel once again demonstrates foresight because you decided not to use viral marketing techniques (no Terminal destroyed!), but to address the rules of traditional marketing (a healthy old price competition). Continue reading

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Siswoo R9 Darkmoon with E-Ink Display and Integrated Projector

In the universe of Chinese smartphones I came across Siswoo, a brand unknown to me so far, but has a device that combines two of the most original perhaps implemented features on Smartphones: the second e-ink display from 4.7-inch qHD 540 * 960 and a beamer.

Along the lines of Yotaphone, with this you can consult all information from R9 Darkmoon secondary display without wasting energy, and you can also activate the main display mirroring. Of course, the flow at the moment is not the strong point of this function, you navigate in the second display with no small difficulty. But the firmware is not final version for which we have high hopes that the situation will improve. Continue reading

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Even ZenFone 2 Laser Receives Support Officer to TWRP

Zenfone Laser 2 is about to become a smartphone even more interesting for all users passionate about modding on Android. Get the official support to the famous custom TWRP, created by Team Win and now available on the band’s official website.

On the occasion of this new addition, Team Win has restored the categories dedicated to smartphones of the range Asus ZenFone 2, going to use the new labels that carry a less confusing, which failed to make the same Asus when it established the names of its terminals! We find several “ZenFone 2” featuring completely different hardware, although the recognition of the various models should not be a problem for anyone is approaching the world of modding. Continue reading

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Galaxy photography Sony Sensors S7 and S7 Edge Proprietary Audio Chip and Use IMX260

Much has been said about the new camera from Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. Samsung has stepped back from the usual run-up to megapixels, opting for a 12 MP sensor with larger pixels, improved auto focus and a wider aperture can improve the quality of the shots, especially in low light.

Until a few weeks before the presentation, there were large photographic evidence on which modules would use Samsung for its new flagship, has repeatedly talked about the new Samsung BRITECELL sensors, but have always been very few certainties. Continue reading

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Nexus 6p Leather Wallet Case

It is not easy to find good accessories for the Nexus 6P. All the more pleasing when suddenly find something that stands high. German Made From Lederschmiede. I received a few weeks ago for the Nexus 6P the G.4 Leather Case. About German made. and their high-quality leather cases, which I bought and used in recent years and some still use, I will report again.

The usual germanmade. quality is also this time felt. The sleeve is made of great strength is incredibly well anfühlendem cowhide. You can not and will it simply no longer acceptable from the hand.

A handy pull tab facilitates the removal of the device, which is inside the way protected by wool felt. On the side, from which protrudes this pull tab, there is a slot-insertion of space for driver’s license, bank card, memo or bill provides.

Who never had a German made. Sleeve Case or held in his hands will be surprised how firm, thick and robust feel these. Many could too big and too thick to appear, but exactly what distinguishes this type of Sleeves and Cases. Robust, durable and incredibly well made. A Case made ​​for eternity.

The German made. G.4 Ledersleeve for Nexus 6P is initially quite tight. Pulling out is an ordeal, despite the pull tab. Patience is also required in the first few days until the leather has adapted to the shape of the Nexus 6P. To make some courage, after a few days it is noticeably lighter. The more often and longer you use, the sleeve, the better it is. Before slipping out of the device have to be the way for the time being not to worry. It fits snugly and securely.

The Nexus 6P is protected in G.4 Ledersleeve round. Whether handbag, travel bag or backpack, the unit is securely packed. Qualitatively, there is nothing to complain about.The best materials, a solid and accurate processing, the G.4 Ledersleeve has everything a made for (almost) forever product excels.

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Best Leather Iphone Wallet Case

For the iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6S Plus there is truly a lot of cases, sleeves and bags. The first time seen, I was of the gray Mujjo Leather Wallet Case 80 Degree feel attracted.They promise a crafted from the finest leather Case.

A gray leather case for the iPhone 6 Plus, which would indeed be something special and not yet represented in this color in my collection. Moreover, even from pflanzengegerbtem leather and according to the manufacturer “by hand dyed with eco-friendly dyes.” I I ordered it.

If Amazon is Mujjo Leather Wallet Case 80 degree for about 50, – EUR to have (as of 07/2016). A high price will certainly have his permission. I thought.

Has difficulty to be given on the packaging. Externally classy and chic, it promises hochwertges in its interior. Unpacked and initial contact. The gray leather looks great and meets exactly my taste. Visually a great, very noble appearing Case. At first glance.

Continue reading

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Skype for Android, with Security Update and Now Calls over 3 G

Last week it was discovered an important failure of vulnerability in Skype for Android, through which, with one application download and prepared to do this, they could steal our confidential application information. They quickly announced and located the bug reporting it from your website so Android users might be on the alert and to avoid downloading applications of dubious origin. Today they have announced that they have managed to resolve the failure and they have released a Update for Android that solves the problem. Continue reading

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