Interior Decorating Ideas for Apartments

Old pallets, discarded machines, bare pipes, fancy lights and a lot of metal with traces that tell their own stories. What sounds here for the remains of an old abandoned factory of nowhere, really are the ingredients for one of the currently hottest home trends for your home! The speech is of course from Industrial Style. We go on the traces of this furnishing style with lots of character and show you how you can easily fetch it in your home.

First of all, we can reassure you: you do not necessarily have in a loft , so in one to the living room repurposed warehouse or factory space, live or even move there to you in the trendy style Industrial Chic set. Because of this style can be perfect in the own four walls imitate.

And it has not even all be kept only in industrial style-thanks to functional design allows furniture and home accessories easy and yet completely authentic in style with many combine different styles-for example, with the cozy country style , the romantic Shabby Chic or the modern style of living! The perfect foundation so to cozy atmosphere Factory to bring into your home.

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Pillow Filling

The choice of sleeping mat is a crucial factor for the quality of your sleep. The better you are embedded, the greater your chances to get up in the morning rested and recovered. A leisurely sleep presupposes that slats, mattress and pillow are perfectly matched.

This pillow consulting you will learn which different types of trading holds and what the benefits of an ergonomically coherent pad lie. In addition, the advice is designed to answer common questions and help you understand the most important criteria for buying and pillows.

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History of the Watches

Shakespeare said that we are made of the same stuff as dreams. Last week, the neurologist Marcelo Berthier, specialist aphasia (loss of language), said that we are made of words. However, they and many others will agree that, above all, we are made of time.

David Ewing Duncan as stated in History Calendar (Emecé, 1999), after consciousness, our obsession with measuring time should be the trait that characterizes us as a species and must have arisen from the realization that going to die. It is already known: everything that begins must end.

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Withings Smartwatch Review

At the last fair IFA in Berlin he could see several of the most important releases of the technology industry from the European scene. On the one hand were the different models of personal computers and mobile phones , while the segment of smart watches captured the attention of South Korean giant Samsung hand, who presented his new Gear S3 , among other manufacturers.

However, in this segment not only about models equipped with touch screens. It could also see a new generation of connected devices betting on the traditional design of the watch industry by adding small notifications and configurable buttons.

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Women’s Hair with Bangs

Fringe yes or no? Remember that the hairdresser will become your permanent fixture on Friday and in the gym you have to carry a bucket of hairpins. Here are all the problems that can understand the girls who have chosen to have the bangs.

1. You have to cut every 4 weeks

Which means that you are viewing your hairdresser 3 times more than you would like. You’ve always been a bit wild and messy hair. In the end we were going from your hairdresser yes 3 times… a year! Now the result? Your friend looks at you and says, “but you did not cut your hair?” “Yes, I cut them (only meant fringe)”. What can you do? If you are ever thrown to the hairdresser at the end you do not even see the difference.

2. It makes the oily face

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Candy Floss Hair Style

At Paris Fashion Week Rick Owens led the catwalks models with hair in the shape of candy floss. Too bad they cannot eat …

To fashion shows there are show that entertain. That would be worthwhile to sit in the front row, as do the movies, and watch the show munching your popcorn. What if there were even cotton candy like when we were little?

In fact it would be great! But watch carefully, the desires can be fulfilled.

Rick Owens at Paris Fashion Week brought on catwalk the models with hairstyles that seem to come from a candy factory.  Continue reading

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How to Repair Your Hair

You’re back from the sea with stringy hair? In particular if the tips are dry and dehydrated, the fault lies with the salt that has put a strain on the ends of your hair. Here’s how to run for cover immediately to return to the office with a bright and shiny hair.

Cuts buckets tips! A little trim after the sea it takes. A couple of centimeters, just to remove the part weakened, they have no hope of returning healthy. If you have split ends prepared to say bye bye to at least 4 or 5cm. Do you think you’re doing it for the good of your hair and in a few months will grow back stronger. Continue reading

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How to Choose a USB Flash Drive

Well quite difficult, a person can not find the knowledge of such an electronic device such as a flash drive. Due to its technical characteristics, mobility, optimal shape and ease of use has been displaced into a leader in the portable data carriers and from the use of CDs. However, despite the popularity of flash drives, many of the users an incomplete understanding of these gadgets. Therefore, if you includes your knowledge of USB space, read our new guide, and you can easily select the correct option.

As with all other media, from flash drives have a number of features and functions that pay attention before buying.

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How to Choose Down Jackets

1. Smell the taste of down jackets, if the smell is acute or ignored. It was explained that goose down is more expensive than duck down goose down and tasteless and delicious duck. But as already mentioned, duck and goose down is handled in the same way Kashmir (if it’s a duck or goose down) belongs to the certified product, do not buy.

2. To look down on signs indicating the basic information is complete, mainly down content, charging down hair types and manufacturers of basic information, but generally does not include the amount of information that can directly consult the manual for shopping.

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Types of Men’s Shirts

Striped Shirt-Striped shirt is an item that can be found in every male wardrobe. The main reason is the multifunctionality of this right. It can easily be converted from the daily office attire in a garment for klabing. The direction and size of the stripes will determine how elegant a shirt. The bright stripes are more casual and therefore unsuitable for office. Broad stripes are rare in the workplace, not to mention the evening. The more simple is stripes, the elegant shirt is. If you want to be taken seriously in the workplace, it is best to wear shirts with very small stripes. Avoid multicolored combinations as the effect of the rainbow looks more funny than professional. To emphasize stripes, choose a contrasting color for the base. For more discreet resulting choose white shirt beige stripes. Maritime pattern is suitable for the summer, but is extremely informal and rather occurs on T-shirts. Yellow, pink or pastel green stripe is also very suitable for casual shirts, creating a summer mood.

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Special Occasion Dresses for Summer

Special occasion dresses for summer, here are some models for all invited: long, short, dress, flared, pastel or bright shades. Browse our gallery and choose your look!

How to choose the right prom dress for a wedding? What are the fashion trends summer 2014? Choose the perfect look is always difficult for us invited because we need to consider some important factors: season, position and time of day of the reception. Continue reading

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How to Combine Leggings

From what to wear trousers?, the question Today is one of the most popular in stylish, young and energetic women. But when that piece of wardrobe has just appeared on the catwalks, many believed that it will stay there, it has no place in ežedneviet. These people are deeply flawed. Today, the variety of leggings is simply amazing: different lengths, styles, decorative items, textiles, total for all tastes, and most importantly and in my purse.

Popular leggings can compete only with wedge. The secret is simple: they look great with almost any piece of clothing, but also suitable for various occasions. These clothes are not only loved by celebrities and models, as well as ordinary women. The only problem is that not all of them know what to wear with leggings.

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How to Wear Bra Correctly

Our bras, we like as we hate them. Even if we find them handy-especially when you have a large chest-we appreciate still be able to remove them at the end of the day. But if in fact this underwear was not good for our health? A new study suggests that the bra would be responsible for headaches and indigestion.

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Lightify Lighting System

The Lightify System in use

Have we even finished the short one and all our lamps integrated into the system, we can all also try already in practical use. It does not matter which lamps or strips you have in use, all lights work ultimately identical or offer (with the exception of warm white / cool white-exchange) the same features. Let’s take a look at the apps and the local possibilities – I hope it is somewhat structured.

Short together plan to apps: Are optically not quite as bad as “smart home” apps from other manufacturers, even if here and there certainly would air upward – but nothing you could not optimize to improve the future. As for the performance and functions, so there is nothing to complain little to – do what they want and even reliable, even I could see no high latencies in changing the settings. A review in advance: What the app (status quo) is missing, is a geofencing function – ie an automatic switching on of certain lamps or groups as soon as you are in the vicinity of your home (and vice versa).

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Different Types of LED Light Bulbs

Inspired by other construction blogs we had early in the planning schedule terminals around the house for corresponding outdoor lighting( electric sampling ). Subsequently this is possible only with difficulty or with enough time and effort. If however, this is already incorporated in the work plans, the conduits are suitable factory already installed accordingly in the walls and laid the pipes in the rough assembly.

After the long search followed by a matching outdoor light. Initially, the idea was also herelike in appropriate low voltage (12V) LED spotlights to block because we already had available for this purpose, the central dimmer and power supplies available. Best known format is here MR16 GU 5.3. However, the market is negligible for such lamps and the selection mau. That is 230V it must now still be and a dimming is only once not possible or only by correspondingly expensive dim actuators (80-100 Euros per channel).

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Lumapower Flashlights

Since it has been from a customer desire brought to me in size compare flashlights with a reference pocketknife, I want this request into account in future and make today the beginning of a size comparison between the Lumapower STRIVE RX and the Harnds Black Mamba Folder:

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Electric Bicycle Battery Maintenance

Always follow the charging instructions supplied elcykeln, for as long lasting joy and benefit as possible from the batteries. Li-Ion batteries have admittedly småladdas, but it’s always good to run the battery “empty” now and then. However, you should avoid draining the battery completely, because it can damage the battery, so keep track of cycle battery indicator. When it says that the battery is empty, it is time to load it.
For long-term storage of Li-Ion batteries should not be fully charged or discharged, but about 50-70% charged. Due to self-discharge, the battery should be checked and recharged every two months during long-term storage. Many electric bikes comes with the automatic charger, which ensures that the battery has an optimal charging during everyday use. We do not recommend that the charger is in constant during long-term storage. Proper handling and maintenance gives the battery a longer life.

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Information on Carp Fishing

Balaam (capo)
Refers to the outing, which is not caught fish. Someone who has not been caught is the “shaft” / is “nose over”.

second most protected species worldwide, after the dolphins. It’s better than prirodozashtitnicheska perspective but irresponsible reproduction has led to over-population of otters, which have reduced stocks of fish in many rivers. Then they are directed to non-flowing waters and now otters are much greater threat to commercial reservoirs in the country.
It seems a lot of money on water bodies to protect them, as it happens most often with electric fences.

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Information about Sleeping Bags

What sleeping bag to take? This is one of the most frequently asked questions when choosing equipment for mountains, sea, lake, etc.
Sleeping bags are divided into seasons: – a season which are mainly winter that reach 30 -40°C which are extreme temperatures. Produced mostly by large manufacturers of equipment and the prices are quite high: 200 -800lv.

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Best Cycling Sprinters of All Time

From 4 to 26 May, 2013 is the 96th edition of the Giro d’Italia held. Which drivers are the main contenders for this bike wins in the sprints?


In the past, there were included in the Giro trail often many opportunities for sprinters. The most successful sprinter in the history of the Giro d’Italia, Mario Cipollini. He won 42 stages in the Tour of Italy. His first Giro stage victory he achieved in 1989, his last two stage victories he took in 2003. His successful participation in the Giro was in 2002. He took that in six stage wins and the overall victory in the points classification.
Another sprint greatness in the recent Giro history was Alessandro Petacchi. He picked up during his career 27 Giro stage wins, even if he later had them five at hand because of a doping suspension. His most successful Giro was in 2004. Petacchi picked up impressive number of nine stage wins in the Giro. That year he won the points classification. In 2013, it seems clearly fewer opportunities for the sprinters in the Giro roster, since the glory years Cipollini and Petacchi. Below is an overview of the main sprinters participating in the 2013 Giro.

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How to Choose the Right Size Sunglasses

Parenthesis: how to choose the size of a pair of glasses?

It’s time to make a brief aside on the sizing of a pair of glasses . You’ll see, it’s really stupid. Size glasses has three numbers. In the case of model Union is 49 / 19-145. Normally your size glasses is even printed / engraved on one of the branches (except that “/” is replaced by a square).

The first number (here 49) corresponds to the maximum width of glass in the horizontal direction. You can imagine that we will have to avoid the 60 mm (see the Midnight Special ) if you have a thin face !

The second number corresponds to the width of the bridge (the bridge is the part that overlooks your nose and connects the two lenses). The Union , it is 19 mm separating the two glasses, while it is only 16 mm on the Midnight Special ). Again, we intuitively understand that if you have a very narrow nose and choose a wide bridge, the glasses will tend to slip into the nostrils.

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