Windows Phone Gives Soon Allowed to View Files

Windows Phone got new life with WP 8.1, but Microsoft has not finished adding more features in the future.

Microsoft gave the Windows Phone a boost with many missing features in the update 8.1. Some of the features have been positive words with on the road, and notification function “Action Center” and voice management “Cortana” commended for, at least, to be on par with Apple and Android’s features.

Microsoft, however, is not finished adding features that its competitors also are enjoying. In an interview with Microsoft’s Joe Bilfiore, he revealed that they are working to make a file manager or Explorer as a feature called for Windows computers. Continue reading

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Win an HTC One M8-Last Chance! [Contest]

Win the year’s first top scorer-here’s how you can win an HTC One M8.

The critically acclaimed flagship is with his outstanding build quality and metal finish a topmobil worthy, HTC’s newest flagship got as also our warmest recommendation here on and it can now be yours!

HTC One M8 is in a class of its own with its unique design, unibody metal construction, crisp and delicious 5 “screen. At the same time featuring HTC’s star phone on exciting features such as Boom Sound, Blinkfeed and implemented style secure software.

You can now win your own HTC One (M8) by following the instructions here. We draw lots for the winner on May 5. may 2014 and the winner will get a direct message.

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HTC One Mini 2: Leaked Images and Specifications

HTC’s new superstar comes in mini version, 3 colors and with 13 megapixel camera.

Since HTC should present their flagship anno 2014, was the surprise is not great. A constant stream of leaked photos, videos and test up to launch HTC One did (M8) to an open secret.

Mini Edition of  light option is available-version of HTC One is reportedly also on the way. Twitter-tipsteren EVLeaks releases a series of press photos, which confirms the HTC One mini successor will available in gold, silver and dark gray. Continue reading

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Android KitKat Is Available Now on Even More Devices

Android update KitKat comes out to more and more devices and are thus steadily growing.

Each month publishes Google details on all their registered devices. One of the most interesting data is how many units which now runs with the latest update of Android.

At the beginning of March was running a mere 2.5 percent of Android devices KitKat. Last month had 5.3 percent installed KitKat update, and here at the beginning of may, Google may show that it is now the entire 8.5 percent, which shows a great advancement. Continue reading

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Speedx 3D, Dodging Obstacles with Your 3D Glasses

If you like games that test your reflexes and skill do not hesitate to give a chance to the game Speedx 3D. It is one of most downloaded games from the Android Market and the more addictive, which is now free to change see advertising. Continue reading

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So Easy Is It To Get at the Gift Mood from Apple’s iOS Devices [Tip]

If someone you care about in need of an app, a music track or just a spendérfrit gift card, so it be done easily from iOS devices.

You probably know more than one person who likes surprises and gifts small and large. Since the so-called “post-pc” era has occurred, so is our previous limits exceeded, when it comes to the amount, we will gladly pay for a new mobile.

Fortunately, it is quite different to on apps, music, and other content that can save the day. Here are the prices at rock bottom, and easy-to-use app-stores can be easily and quickly throw the items over the counter. But Mr and Mrs Denmark can easily get lost in the app universe, so for example, if you have found a bold app, you want to give as a gift, then it is at least equal to, if you use Apple’s iOS devices. Continue reading

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Apple iWatch Fire Unpopular with Swiss Watch-Producer

The Swiss watch manufacturer Swatch is ready to go to court, if Apple launches a smart Watch called iWatch.

There has long been ongoing rumors that an iWatch ur from Apple is on its way, and the latest gossip has also alluded to the fact that Nike is using as a collaborator. has also told that Apple iWatch ready for autumn, as well as Apple iWatch in two editions.

If that happens, then the Swiss watch manufacturer Swatch ready to protect the registered trademark iSwatch, which according to the manufacturer puts the close up of the suspected and emerging smart-watch from Apple. It writes iDownload Blog. Continue reading

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Bill Gates Is No Longer the Largest Shareholder of Microsoft

The founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, has for many years been the largest shareholder of Microsoft.But now he must pass the throne.

That Bill Gates is a wealthy man, should not come as a surprise to many. Along with Paul Allen founded Microsoft, Gates who, as you know, is one of the largest IT companies in the world.

Last Friday believed Gates that it was time for a little more financial resources and therefore, 4.6 million redeemed by his Microsoft shares. The shares have a total value of 185.6 million dollars, well 1 billion Danish kroner. At the time of writing, Bill Gates has therefore “only” 330 million shares of Microsoft. Continue reading

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Apple VS. Samsung Definitely-See Decision Here

Second trial between techgiganterne Apple and Samsung have demonstrated that none of those involved have clean flour in the bag.

At the end of March techgiganterne Apple and Samsung met again in u.s. courtrooms for a second phase of mud wrestling about violation of patent rights. In the article Apple vs. Samsung-here is what they fight for in this game, gave a brief overview of these patents, and now there are decreased judgment in the case.

Of the five mentioned Apple patents, so it is only 2 of them, such as Samsung, according to jury violates. It is the so-called “data tapping” and “slide two unlock” patent, which Samsung has used proven from Apple’s devices. Samsung is therefore sentenced to pay Apple button 120 million u.s. dollars, which is equivalent to approximately 646 million kroner It write Recode. Continue reading

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Tips Saturday: the Week’s Best Tips

We collect the week’s top tips-how to get the best out of your smartphone.

They can be a lot, the ladies and smartphones. But we only use a fraction of the features, applications and features that they offer.

Every Saturday opstøver mobile page, therefore the best fereshte from the week that went-so you get the chic back in your smartphone.
With Facebook’s new group feature in Messenger app, you can link up with an easy shortcut, and place it where you want. Continue reading

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Acer Introduces a Few New 7 “Tablets, ICONIA One 7 and Iconia Tab 7.

Two new tablets from Acer on its way, a sequel to B1-720, as well as a combined tablet/phone.

This week, Acer has presented two new tablets with screen at 7 inches. Iconia One 7 (B1-730) is the sequel to Acer B1-720 which comes with roughly the same specifications, however, with a screen resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels instead of 1024 x 600.
The processor is now an Intel Atom 1.6 GHz as not just on Z2560 is faster but reportedly also is more energy efficient since the new device promises up to 7 hours of life against the previous 5. Continue reading

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Acer Liquid Leap, the First Smartwatch from Acer (Video)

View Acer ‘ bid for a combined smartwatch/fitness tracker called Liquid Leap. Expected to be launched this summer.

A few days ago paid out by Acer an event in New York where they, among other things, showed off their first smartwatch/fitness tracker which, in addition to let you view your notifications, also should help you keep in shape in the same style as Samsung Gear Fit.

Liquid Leap will be able to pair it with many Android devices loves that, but Acer expects to initially sell the clock in a package with their new mid-range phone Liquid (J) which were also presented at the event, but expects to sell the Agency as a stand-alone unit in the long term.

Much more was not unveiled, neither specifications or price, but there was, however, a weak request for a possible launch in June at a price that is “competitive”. Phone and clock can be seen featured in the videos below.

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Angry Birds Rio Will Arrive This Week to The Android Market (Updated)

It seems that the exclusivity of the anticipated game Angry Birds Rio in the newly released Amazon Appstore is going to end soon. Throughout this week it seems the game at the official store of Android and will also free. Continue reading

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Apple and Samsung Lost Market Share in the First Quarter of the Year

Apple and Samsung are sitting on almost half of the global smartphone market together, but their lead is dwindling.

Strategy Analytics has released their latest figures for smartphone development in this year’s first quarter. Here it can be seen that the undisputed Giants Samsung and Apple still sits firmly planted on top, but with a slightly smaller margin compared with the first quarter last year.

Apple has really good fat in the high-end market, but still slowly losing market share due to fast-growing markets that hungers for cheap smartphones – such as Latin America. Apple has today 15.3% of the global smartphone market, a decrease of 2.2% compared with last year. Continue reading

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A Brief Look at Moto 360 (Video)

View Motorola’s upcoming smartwatch on the arm of the man behind the design of the clock as well as success-the phone Moto X.

As part of a look behind the façade of Motorola’s new headquarters in Chicago where they started over 80 years ago, the folks at The Verge had a little talk with Jim Wicks, Motorola’s vice President for design and the man behind products like Motorola X and the forthcoming smartwatch Moto 360.

In the course of the interview, we get a brief look at Moto 360 sitting on Wicks’ wrists, however, mainly with off screen unfortunately. The clock is a prototype with a small “M” on the Agency’s edge which probably won’t be there on the final version. Continue reading

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Apple EarPods with Blood Pressure Sensor

A post on the app Secret has led to speculation about a big update of Apple’s headphones.

At the Secret can be completely anonymous post just what you feel like, why must things away be taken with a grain of salt, but a new lookup has caused a stir in the mobile world. Apple will provide blood pressure monitor and pulse meter in their upcoming EarPods.

It is apparently a newly laid off employee of Apple, which has disabled the message about new EarPods up, and even if there is no option to verify the information, they are still worth noticing in. Continue reading

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Wearables Will Be the Future? [Vote]

Producers seem sure of it, but what says our site readers to the new wave of smartphone-centric gadgets?

The list gets longer and longer, when you have to list all the wearables up that are on the market, or who are on their way. The big firms reckon that wearables are new, lush pastures for them, and therefore rates of several big names of wearables.

Here on the mobile site, we have even tested the Samsung Gear 2 recently, and we’ve also had his fingers in a few Google Glass, where we had demonstrated some of the features, and are predominantly optimistic, if only so the idea more than the products as they are right now.

But what do you mean about wearables? It will be the future, or runs it all out in the sand? Finally, type a justification and your thoughts to your answer in the comment box!

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Skype Makes Group Video Free

Now it is no longer reserved for those who have paid for a premium subscription with Skype, which can benefit from video conversations with several at a time.

It has been free to have video conversations with several at times on Skype. It happens in an attempt to keep the competition from Google and their Hangouts at Bay in the battle for video chat users.

Skype was the first who introduced the video conversations with several at a time, but it is an option that has been reserved for the paying consumers since 2011.

In a statement says Skype, too, that they will make the possibility of these video calling groups available for several platforms in the future, which probably means that it will be an option from your mobile phone too.

Right now it is not possible to have group video calling from the phone even if you have paid for the premium subscription.

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Stephen Elop Earn Big on Nokia-Sale

There are enough great content with Stephen Elop, when he changes the Nokia out with Microsoft on the business card.

After having been head of Nokia, which, as we know, has sold the mobile portion of the business to Microsoft, Stephen Elop takes over Microsoft in the Department for ‘Devices and Studio Business’, and it will be he well paid for.

Elop may call themselves good 180 million dollars richer as a result of the switch.

The amount is in addition to an amount of money also comes in the form of shares, where Elop stands to get about 25 percent more than first estimated, just because a part of early retirement package comes in the form of shares.

Microsoft accounts for 70 percent of the amount, while Nokia will pay the rest.

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New Photos of LG G3

LG’s next top model, LG G3, have appeared on a few new images.

Korean LG are ready to present their newest top model later this month, and a few new images show that the phone itself also appears to be ready for a presentation.

The images match the first frame, we could show here on the site, but it is extremely limited, what else you can get out of the pictures.

Rumors go that LG G3 will have a QHD display with a resolution of 1440×2560 pixels spread across 5.5 “, like the LG should have put his own octa-core processor in the G3. It is also expected that the G3 will come with 3 GB RAM, and thus should specifications Sun fairly well in line with the other major, new flagships.


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Peek-in Is a Disturbing Piece of Spy Phone Camera Accessories

If you want to take a picture without unnoticed for your point of view, so can Peek-in helping to cope with the task.

Inventors and producers will surprise you from time to time with gadgets, accessories and grejer we do not believed we needed. The category “wearables” (portable gadgets) must also say to hear within the group. Here are the Google Glass made unfortunate noticed, especially due to the fact that the smart glasses will be accused of violating privacy.

Google’s innovation comes not free, so if you instead want to make some obscure and revealing snapshots of friends, then you could look at Peek-in. Here we have instead grab a moving mirror which can be fitted on your Smartphone camera.  Continue reading

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