Continue The 4.2 Android Leaks, Google Takes Seriously The Security

At this point it is no longer a secret that Google has in the kitchen a new version of Android. If a couple of days ago we saw innovations and new use from the notification bar on Android 4.2, now we are going with other features, focused on the safety of Android devices in the hands of the guys at Android Police.

And as you probably know, these guys have a Nexus 4 terminal with a version still in development of Android. While some of these functions may not be integrated into the final version, give us an idea of where things can go. Continue reading

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Preamplifier Onkyo P 3000 R

Also for the precursor P, Onkyo 3000 R (1700 euro) drove the Galactic effort with three transformers and power-proof amplifier single transistors.

  1. Preamplifier Onkyo P 3000 R
  2. Data sheet

Manages the C 7000 R in addition to trade CDs also with MP3 or WMA be burned, are in addition to the analogue outputs a coaxial, optical and on top of that a balanced digital output available, passing the music data on particularly bedding solid twin pipes. Continue reading

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Google Announces Android 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean) and Begins to Reach The Nexus 7

We have already seen in several leaks and various devices that Google was cooking something. As well, it is of Android 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean), and has been officially announced by the engineer in Chief Jean-Baptiste Queru.

This version in particular, we’ve seen appear briefly in some logs or alleged Nexus devices, directly follows Android 4.1.1 (Jelly Bean), cataloguing as a minor update. It is the compilation number JZO54K, and we can find it in the Android Open Source Project under the name android-4.1. 2_r1 and with a size of 31.3MB. Continue reading

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Power Amplifier Onkyo M 5000 R

Wonderfully full and supple the Onkyo M was playing the saxophone to 5000 R (2,500 euros), piano runs came loose, smoothly.

  1. Power amplifier Onkyo M 5000 R
  2. Data sheet

The power amp impresses M 5000 R already with his generous performance hand instruments, the internal structure for the price range is a hammer. The two enthroned on a steel pedestal, martial and shielded toroidal transformer, as well as the two 27000 micro Farad capacitors on the right and left side already show that every channel to the full can draw. Continue reading

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4.2 Android Will Be a Double Notifications Bar with Quick Adjustments, in Video!

We have already seen enough about the new Nexus 4 of LG. In general, this device still runs under the new version of Android 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean). But the boys of Android Police they have a somewhat more advanced in the development version, and they are revealing great detail about this.

It is neither more nor less about one improvement in the notification bar. Something that comes to discover when slide it down, and the Jelly Bean notification bar appears, but we turn to slide and voila! A location for a future rapid adjustments. Continue reading

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NF cable Furutech Alpha Line 1

The Interconnect cable Furutech appeared musical Alpha line 1 (110 euros, 2 x 1 m) easily restrained.

  1. NF cable Furutech Alpha line 1
  2. Data sheet

The Koaxaufbau of the alpha line 1 is no mystery. Here, the stranded inner conductor (37 wires with a diameter of 0.18 mm) is separated from the copper braid shielding with PE insulation, while the outer shell is made from PVC. The high-purity copper and handling of the cable are something special: it is set in around – 200° Celsius cold helium and then slowly thawed, which should lead to a more homogeneous molecular structure. Then it iterates through a magnetization process. Continue reading

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The Confusion of The Back Button on Android

One of the talks that most struck me (as the surprising topic) the last Google IO 2012 was the one dedicated to the navigation on Android. An entire hour to explain to developers how the back button and the associated actions stack Once we have opened a couple of applications and we sailed between them. If you do need one hour something wrong with Android. To lift the hand who has felt frustrated to give the back button in an application and found on entirely different than expected, even with half of action. Eye, this is blamed both application developers and the own Android operating system. Continue reading

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NF Cable G & BL Rhodium Twin

The G & BL rhodium twin (200 euro, 2 x 1 m) impressed with high-quality plugs that have a hard rhodium-contact area.

  1. NF cable G & BL rhodium twin
  2. Data sheet

The Italian manufacturer G & BL has a comprehensive program that is in this country still quite unknown. For this test, we ordered the rhodium twin, which can be ordered under the number 5563. It impressed with Send connectors that have a hard rhodium contact area, as well as parallel symmetrical structure with four conductors and single attached screen. Continue reading

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The Piracy in Android, How to Fight It?

A few days ago we commented on here MadFinger decided to lower the price of 0.99 euros Dead Trigger zero due to high piracy suffering. Normally their games cost more money, 4.99 euros, but on this occasion they wanted to put a very competitive price to avoid the temptation of piracy.

This strategy did not work. We can look for the causes in the hidden costs of such application, with purchases within the game, which had bad press (in fact here we did a negative criticism), but it is also true that there has been very good reviews. Then I do not think that that is the main cause. Continue reading

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NF Cable Straight Wire Mega HDS

The Interconnect cable straight wire mega HDS (130 euros (2 x 1 m) United unobtrusive musicality with great detail joy.

  1. NF cable straight wire mega HDS
  2. Data sheet

The mega HDS is good actually developed as a S-video cable, whether its dual coax construction as a stereo RCA line. It provides isolated in foamed Teflon and double silver-plated copper inner conductor as well as a channel separate shielding. Continue reading

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Google Acquires Sparrow: Will Come from News for The Management of The Mail on Android?

Important developments in Mountain View, and is that Google has just acquired Sparrow, a company known for its famous program of email for OS X and iOS management. At the moment, the economic pillar, is not known but if it is known that Sparrow will be integrated into the GMail development team.

We do not know either if this will bring improvements specific to Android, but it is expected that the experience of a company successfully in mobile operating systems such as Sparrow now improve the management of mail on Android. Continue reading

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NF Cable of Siltech MXT Paris

The Siltech MXT Paris (200 euro, 2 x 1 m) MXT London scored highly in comparison to his smaller brother with more details.

  1. NF cable of Siltech MXT Paris
  2. Data sheet

Already the excellent a stereoplay highlight brother MXT London (test 4/04) the MXT Paris in addition to the expensive Teflon insulation of the inner conductor has wires from a gold alloy of silver, which are mixed with the high-purity copper conductors. Continue reading

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So Are The New Notifications in Jelly Bean

Android has which is possibly the best notification system, a nerve center where applications can let us know of their latest products. 4.1 Android Jelly Bean the improvements are simply stunning, and it should be the benchmark for the rest of mobile operating systems. To be able to be “ live ” without leaving the system of notifications.

Notifications, for the moment, were limited to indicate what news there was. A new email, with a little of its content and sender. A new turn in Apalabrados. An a friend on Foursquare check-in. An update is available in the Market. A comment on Instagram. What we all know. Continue reading

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F Cable Wire World OASIS 6

The Wire World Oasis 6 NF (110 euros, 2 x 1 m) liked the testers already with the first notes, because it painted a very natural tone colors.

  1. NF cable wire world OASIS 6
  2. Data sheet

As for his speaker cables, David Salz of Wire World goes its own way with cinch conductors. The Wire World Oasis has four overlapping head units of ten separately insulated copper wires 6 NF. He seemed to more Sonic potential than usual coax versions this construct. Also the hard silver plated and teflon insulated RCA plug with hollow-drilled signal contacts are exceptional. Continue reading

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So Is 4.1 Android Jelly Bean

It’s finally official, half the world for Google I/O 2012 expectations have been met and the Californian company has submitted timely at the Moscone Center in San Franscico which will be the next version of Android. Now that we’re calmer, and while half Spain will be watching the semifinals of the European Championship, we are going to collect all what it means 4.1 Android Jelly Bean.

To begin with, and as expected by the version numbering, the improvements are rather deep, without that the interface suffers a big change with respect to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, although all what we have seen has given us the feeling come direct to plug gaps that had left the previous version. Continue reading

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NF Cable ViaBlue NF S 1 Mono

The ViaBlue NF S 1 Mono (140 euros, 2 x 1 m) offered sumptuous timbres and a rich, punchy bass.

  1. NF cable ViaBlue NF S 1 Mono
  2. Data sheet

At the first glimpse of the ViaBlue NF S 1 Mono you may believe that this cable will cost 140 euro. Especially since the positive external impression is also inside confirmed. There is a four-time shield with two aluminium sputtered films and two counter-rotating wraps made of silver-plated copper wire. And the Signal transport are two insulated conductors made of silver-plated copper. Continue reading

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4.1 Android (Jelly Bean) Officially Announced

Finally a few days ago Google has announced that, together with the Google Nexus 7, everyone was waiting, at the Google I/o 2012 lecture series. It is of 4.1 Android (Jelly Bean), which comes to dethrone Ice Cream Sandwich.

Jelly Bean, a much faster operating system

The first of the great improvements in Jelly Bean is an improvement in the speed and stability of the operating system. So Google known as the Butter project, perhaps because of the relationship with what must literally sliding. Continue reading

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Nokia E5 in the Test

The Nokia E5 conquers the third rank of the Smartphone leaderboard despite an old Symbian with excellent laboratory values and practical facilities.

  1. Nokia E5 in the test
  2. Data sheet
  3. Rating

Smartphones have a long tradition at Nokia with full typewriter keyboard. The most recent copy of this messaging specialists that is very popular among the business clientele is the E5 for cheap 249 euro. It relies on the same form factor as the nobler siblings E71 and E72 and is available in white or black. Continue reading

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What Should Be 4.1 Android (Jelly Bean)

There’s not anything for to begin the most anticipated event of Google. Tomorrow we will know the future of Android, its upcoming new products and at least the announcement of a new device Nexus, this morning we have seen what we expect from Google I/o 2012. All eyes will be placed in 4.1 Android (Jelly Bean).

Each time the sector is more competitive, with seated iOS and Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 to around the corner Google should put all eggs in one basket this week to match or exceed the services already offered or will offer short term competition. Then we will see features that should be presented in 4.1 Android (Jelly Bean), or as very late in Android 5.0 (Key Lime Pie) if finally this version comes out at the end of this year. Continue reading

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NC Headphones Monster Beats by Dr Dre Studio

To catch up with the Bose quiet comfort 2 the power of the monster wasn’t enough beats by Dr. Dre Studio (300 Euro).

  1. NC headphones Monster beats by Dr Dre Studio
  2. Data sheet

The beats by Dr. Dre Studio fulfilled as big brother of the beats by Dr. Dre solo (42 points, test in stereoplay 11/10) his duty and sounded slightly more mature and adult. He was gentle with fine detail and kept the massive bass on a shorter leash. But sting a bit so come in “Englishman In New York” as he was suffering from a cold-which sparked small solo better. Continue reading

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Ice Cream Sandwich Already Has a Share of 2.9%, Gingerbread Is Maintained as The Most Widely Used Version

A couple of months, when we were on Android operating system share data, we saw how Ice Cream Sandwich was only 1%. A number that seemed ridiculous and which demonstrates that the transition is being quite slow that of other updates.

Two months later, that figure has improved although its penetration is still quite discreet: a 2.9%. The reasons for this growth? The proliferation of more homemade ROMs and the updating of some terminals of HTC and Samsung Galaxy SII, which a few weeks ago began to receive him officially. Continue reading

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